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  • Easy to use builder
  • Several website templates


  • Average customer support

Overall Score



It is an easy bet that if you have done any research into website building, or possibly even none, that you will have heard of the Wix website builder. They are undoubtedly the biggest website building platform online with almost 66 million users and 45,000 new ones every day. The numbers certainly speak in Wix’s favor. Their service matches their popularity. Wix is a safe bet to choose.

Value For Money

Start your first Wix journey with a free trial account and use this time to test out all of the features so you are better prepared and educated when it comes time to pick them out.  The cheapest upgrade is simply a domain host, with limited bandwidth and storage, which costs $3.70 per month. We don’t consider this a great deal as you can get the same value with a domain included elsewhere. The ‘most popular’ upgrade, ‘Unlimited’ is aimed at Entrepreneurs & Freelancers and includes a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth and much more. This comes in at $9.97 a month, which is a mediocre deal.


We found Wix’s editor to be very straightforward, helpful and easy to grasp. It is not hard at all to tweak the mobile view of your site using the mobile editor, but it’s not always easy to get it exactly how you’d like it, as you either have to move the items about or remove them altogether, which isn’t ideal. It’s critical to be able to perfect the mobile version of your site because if it isn’t very accessible to mobile users, then you are disappointing 2 billion potential smartphone using visitors. The introduction to the website builder is a good idea in concept, and is likely to help a few beginners, but I found it to be very slow and boring, even when trying to approach it as a beginner would.


Wix does not disappoint on the template front, with a good amount of templates (100s), and nice designs throughout. It is clear that most users will be satisfied by the choice, with many many different businesses, topics and causes covered. The templates are colorful and modern, just what you would like from a website builder in 2016. This leads to minimal design work needed and quick sign up to publish times, helped along massively by the ability to search through the template base, accompanied with an extensive drop down menu. Something a little disappointing about the templates was the spelling mistakes you will find, which does not do much in the way of building user confidence!

Additional Features

Wix is teeming with features, supplied by Wix themselves and their cool app store (which we will get into later). Wix provides the ability to utilize animations on your website, which can be surprisingly professional and contribute to the overall ‘wow factor’ of your site. Also, you can access SEO reports which can add a lot of assistance regarding improving your sites reach and success, something all website builders should offer. Wix has cleverly integrated a website building App Store, which is full of super useful tools for improving the look and functionality of your site. Apps like ‘Form Builder’ and ‘Shopify’ are two great examples of improved functionality, because even if you don’t like Wix’s online store, you can integrate one of the world’s most popular online stores (of course at extra cost). A simply fantastic idea.

Guides & Customer Service

Wix is brilliant at giving their customers help and offers around the clock assistance if needed. Wix has a client base of about 66 million, so there is no shortage of tips and tricks on threads and blogs. Wix has a Twitter team which is also available around the clock, offering their advice and help whenever it is needed, but they are by no means experts. They often link users elsewhere to answer their questions, which can be annoying. On site help can be quite tough to locate, but when you do find it (a small question mark in the top-right corner of the editor), it is at least sufficient. There is a smart question search function, which gets you a quick answer for any simple questions, but the phone line and email functions should clear up any other issues.

Customer Opinions & Reviews


Rene Alesini - 2:35 pm

I personally would give Wix 5 stars, I’ve been using it for almost a year now, and I’m not disappointed. It’s easy to navigate, my website is working with no lags, and I love the ‘Let’s hear it for the boys’ color theme.

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