10 Geeky Hobbies and Why They Need a Website?


Being a geek is cool now. Forget what you heard when you were a kid- it’s in vogue to be a nerd. However, in this day and age, your passions often turn into projects and projects often turn into a way of life. Before you know it your passion project is your day job, and you’ll need a website. Even if being geeky it’s not your career, just in your DNA, there are lots of reasons to build a website for your geeky hobbies.


1. Cosplay

Cosplay, as both a hobby and business, is a growing market and it shows no sign of slowing. For those not in the know, Cosplay is an activity where people dress in elaborate costumes to celebrate their favorite characters from TV shows, anime, movies, or even books. What started as a convention-only activity has spilled over into the mainstream, becoming a global phenomenon, and even has attracted media attention.

But why do you need a website as a cosplayer? Even if you are not a professional cosplayer like Yaya Han or Jessica Nigri, it’s a perfect place to show off your costumes by making a media gallery, building your “cosplay résumé” (which can help you secure guest appearances and ease your way into comped convention tickets), and even sell prints. Selling a few prints is an excellent way to recoup a little bit of money from your expensive costume. Plus, many sites have great add-ons that can help you set up a shop to sell them automatically!

A lot of people are getting into cosplay for charities or causes these days. Children’s hospitals, Make-A-Wish, and other local causes have reached out to cosplayers to come help bring joy to people. A website can legitimize your group and help shine attention to the ones you support. A mission statement helps potential charities understand the intentions of a cosplayer (or cosplay group) and establish expectation up front.

cosplay website

2. Your D&D Campaign

Every good GM (game master) knows that top notch campaign management, in addition to a good laugh now and then, is essential to running a game and what better way to establish that than with a site dedicated to it. Many GMs use websites to store character sheets, keep track of the party’s loot, and even schedule for your next game. More and more people are switching to online games as face-to-face gaming is becoming harder and harder to facilitate. People are using sites like Roll20.com, and other virtual tabletops and a website dedicated to your game can make running a game like that a snap.

In Japan “replays,” accounts of roleplaying fashioned as log entries, have been popular since the late 80s and many of them were released on websites. The most famous of these, “Record of Lodoss War,” was turned into a manga before being adapted as an anime and radio drama. So, once your gaming session is done, logging what you and your group have done on a website for all to read might someday be essential to a series all your own!

make a d&d website

3. Live Action Roleplaying

Every LARP (live action roleplay) needs a place to live on the web. Be it for attracting new players, giving a home to your rulebook files, or spreading news (both IC and OOC), you just can’t run a solid LARP without a web presence. It’s one thing to get together at a park and hit each other with boffs, but it adds a whole new layer of legitimacy when you have a professional looking website with an easy to remember URL that a new player can just jump on after sparing for a few hours and get more involved.

Some LARPs will have event sign-up, player feedback, and even tools for character building baked right into their website. If you have someone who is good at database management a single site is all you need to run an entire game. A centralized database on a site is worth its weight in gold to an event manager due to the sheer numbers of headaches it eliminates. Even award recommendations can be done as a simple feedback form and sent directly to the entire event staff.

favorite larp weapons website

4. Independent Comics

Digital comic sales have been booming. According to ICv2.com from 2007 to 2014 digital comics sales grew from $1 million per year to $100 million annually and they haven’t stopped growing! If you want a slice of that pie, developing a website to host a digital comic series is the best first step.

You can set up an ongoing webcomic, do it incrementally, archive completed runs, or even take advantage of your digital content’s reach and sell physical copies from your site. Character bios, supplemental artwork, variant covers, news of upcoming releases, FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions ) – each of these need a page, and a site dedicated to your comic can present them in an organized way your readers will love.

If you are running a studio or publishing multiple comics at once, it is essential to your marketing and the sales of your comics that you have a professionally developed site. Imagine trying to organize six ongoing series and two completed ones at once; it’d be a mess without a well-maintained archive on the web. How else can a distributor or major publisher find you and make you the next Robert Kirkman if they can’t find your work?

comic book website for free

5. Let’s Plays

Most “Let’s Plays” are on YouTube or Twitch. However, in this day and age, one’s web presence isn’t so simple. Those platforms, even with the addition of your social media platforms, may not be enough to reach your target demographic. The LoadingReadyRun crew has proven that websites can be an invaluable tool to help centralize your content and connect with your audience!

Podcasts and Vlogs can also benefit from the same kind of treatment, and their home pages often end up being the main landing page. This is because, many times, a well-designed site will appear in Google search results ahead of YouTube page. Having all your content in one place will allow your fans to binge watch / listen to your content. As these kinds of shows are growing, in many demographics competing directly with mainstream media, it’ll only be a matter of time before these sorts of sites will be some of the largest on the net. We’ve seen it happen with sites like Geek & Sundry, Channel Awesome, and yours could be next!

lets play website builder

6. Roleplay Forums

Roleplaying on the internet is almost as old as the net itself. Even today forums are booming with superhero and fandom-specific roleplays. A hearty survivor, Star Trek roleplays are still to be found, and forums of all genre need a central platform from which to launch. Many professionally run forums use landing pages to provide wiki-like information for their users, organize characters, and provide an easy to navigate index for their site. Some roleplay forums even benefit from their designers placing the forum in a frame with navigation bars on the side.

roleplay forum website

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7. Wargame / Miniatures Painting

Are you an amazing painter? Do your 40k Armies look like they sprang off the pages of one of Game’s Workshop’s illustrations? If your miniatures are top notch, you need a website to show them off. Some painters have even begun to offer their services to others for a price and having a great gallery to show off is an excellent way to attract customers.

Maybe, however, you’re more into the lore of your wargame army. Kenton Kilgore’s “Fighting Tigers of Veda” site has been around for almost fifteen years now and, love or hate the idea of female Space Marines; he’s immortalized his armies online. If he can do it, so can you, with a stunning website for your wargame army.

wargame painting website

8. Fanfiction / Original Fiction

Some people are prolific fanfiction or even writers of original fiction. While FanFiction.net and Wattpad are great sites for initial exposure, more and more writers are keeping copies on their websites in readable or downloadable archives. Imagine if your favorite author had an archive of everything they’d ever written- you’d go and check that out right? So why not make it easier for your fans to find you and make a website for it. Many authors also add blogs to their site to keep their fans up to date on the trials and tribulations of the writing process. When you finally publish your book you’ll be able to look back at the journey it took to get there!

fanfiction website

9. Society for Creative Anachronism

Within the SCA proper, there is a precedent for making a personal page. A kind of “society resume” can help others understand your pursuits while pages for your documentation and A&S projects can help you immortalize your artistic efforts. Plus, once you get your heraldry approved, you already have a snazzy (Society approved) logo that was designed to attract attention even at a distance (as heraldic devices had to be distinguishable across the battlefield). Make sure to get your Kingdom Media Officer’s permission if you are using any images from an event that are not simply of you or your stuff. Similar sites can be designed for players in the Adrian Empire, Amtgard (particularly if you are into the A&S scene), or even HEMA.

society for creative anochrism website

10. Belly Dancing (ATS)

This art has exploded in the past decade or two. From traditional middle eastern dances, it was brought over to America largely through cabaret. This gave it a hyper-sexualized tone, that it didn’t have initially (did you know men originally did “belly dancing” too?). Now efforts are being made to reclaim it and turn it into a beautiful dance style by the American Tribal style community. Dance troupes, studios, and teachers can all benefit from a professionally designed website. It can help with scheduling, promotion, and even host recordings of performances. For students, it can be a resource because teachers can store private documents, lesson plans, and even the music for your upcoming performance on their site.

belly dancing website

So, if you are ready to make the leap and build a site for your passion project or career you can talk to the experts at Best 10 Website Builders to get started on your project today! Their reviews and know-how will help you decide on a top notch website builder to take your geeky passion to the next level.

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