5 Reasons Why Every Teacher Needs a Website


The start of the school season is here for teachers, and it’s time organize. School supplies have flown off the shelves, and backpacks are full of books and snacks. Students are sporting their best back to school outfits in style. An organized start to school for parents and teachers is essential for everyone. Teachers need to get their ducks in a row for a productive school year and having a website can help with that. Technology is advancing in classrooms every day, and those responsible for the young minds in our world need to take advantage of it. A great place to start is by creating a custom website to make the year go by smoother.

5 Reasons Why Every Teacher Needs a Website

1. Keep parents in the loop

Having your very own website is a great way to communicate with parents. We all know the helicopter parent types who insist on being fully involved in their child’s education. Or the opposite, a parent who isn’t very involved at all. Having a place on the web where a teacher can share has become an excellent way to communicate. Teachers can post homework assignments and share important project due dates with all of their students and their families. Teachers can post their class policies and expectations for the school year and have an open line of communication with all types of parents.

2. A website shows you care about students

Let’s face it, this current generation of young minds are a part of the digital age. Having a website where students can reach you at any hour shows real dedication. Some students may have difficulty speaking up in class but are comfortable sending an email to ask questions or get help with homework by using technology. Be there for them beyond the classroom. A teacher who can keep up with new technology and different ways of teaching keeps them engaged and sets a good example for students.


3. Builds reputation and credibility

Establishing an online presence offers teachers the ability to connections around the world. As a teacher, you should see yourself as an integral part of the community. Show off the work you put into lesson plans and activities. Inspire students by using technology to make everyone’s lives easier. You may even motivate them to build their website in time and perhaps become a teacher someday as well.

4. Improved communication

Students won’t have the excuse of missing homework assignments when they are displayed on a website. Adding homework assignments to a site is also helpful for students who may have missed class or need to catch up on tasks. Communication and repetition are key to students understanding concepts. Make sure your website displays your contact information or has a contact form, so that students and teachers can easily reach you.

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5. Keep lesson plans organized and save time

Keep all of your lessons plans neatly held in one place and online with a website. Having a place to put all of the media you use on a daily basis is key to a great school year. Better yet, creating an archive of old lesson plans can save time. You can quickly access older plans with a few clicks of a button. Another great thing about putting your lessons online is being able to access them 24/7, regardless of where you are.

Creating a custom teacher website using a website builder is a quick and easy process. There are hundreds of simple to use templates to fit any teachers style. Long gone are the days when a professional web designer is needed to create a slick site. Anyone can build a website in a matter of minutes and practically for free. Educators have the world of technology at their fingertips and should make the most of this access. Start a website today and watch it grow with your students for years to come.

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