How to Build a Food Website that People will Love


Are you a foodie? Constantly having friends and loved ones try your new kitchen creations? Do you love being in the kitchen and experimenting with new ingredients? Well, then you should be sharing your kitchen conquests with the world. You don’t need a ton of coding experience or even any graphic design knowledge. It is super easy to start your very own website with a website builder and a couple of other simple ingredients. Here you will find easy steps to take and a dash of inspiration for creating a gorgeous and stylish food blog with little effort.

how to build a recipe website

Step 1 – Invest in the Right Tools

A super powered computer isn’t necessary to build a website anymore. With website builders like Wix, SiteBuilder, eHost and others you could create your site on something as low-tech as a netbook. For photographing your fabulous meals, you may want to pick up a smartphone with a high-quality camera. One of the most important (and sometimes most difficult) things in food photography is achieving the proper lighting. So, plan ahead before and make sure your kitchen area has the correct lighting for delicious and authentic to life food photos. To take more professional looking photographs, an HDSLR camera and some editing software like PhotoShop can step your game up. You can even take it to the next level and build a DIY food photography studio for a few bucks from items you may have around the house.

Step 2 – Pick a Name

When choosing a name for your site, keep a few things in mind. First, the website name you want should be simple, reflect you as a person and be easy to spell. Often, coming up with a name can be the hardest part of starting a new website. You will want something catchy, maybe campy and cute. Another tip, do a thorough Google search for the site name you have your heart set on. Make sure no one else is using it, get creative and have fun with it.

After you have chosen your name, hop on all of the social media networks to stake your claim. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even Snapchat to engage and build your audience. Follow similar profiles in your niche, and before you know it, you will be a part of the amazing foodie community online and exchanging recipes with people just like you.

Step 3 – Choose a Website Builder

If you can bake a cake, you most certainly can go the DIY route for building a website. Take some time to research the different features website builders can offer you. Some of these builders already have templates for food bloggers available. If you are dreaming of selling your handmade goods and food, be sure to research the best web builders that offer e-commerce solutions. Every website builder has different features. Look for the one that best suits your needs and feels the most comfortable to use. Here is an example of a few of Wix’s snazzy templates:

Example of Wix Food Templates

wix food templates

Step 4 – Focus on Content Strategy

Even if your new website is just for hobby, it is a good idea to spend some time hashing out the strategy behind your content. Set yourself up for success by setting a goal for at least one post a week. Google loves sites that are consistently adding quality content and frequently posting content can boost your exposure. You can even write a quick update during the week about your personal life, or fun foods you want to try instead of sharing an entire recipe. Fill your blog with other fun topics like restaurant reviews and exciting products you have found at the local market.

Many popular food bloggers choose themes for certain days of the week, and this can help you stay focused on your content strategy and always have something fresh on your site. For example, you could try a new taco recipe on Taco Tuesday. Or create posts centered around holidays where food is always the highlight of the celebration.

Step 5 – Bon Appétit!

Once you are all set up with your beautiful new website, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. With just a few simple steps you can start building the website of your dreams and sharing delicious recipes with the world.

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