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Wix has recently released an impressive new set of features giving website developers total control of customizing their websites. The new feature Wix Code unleashes unlimited possibilities for web page creation. It gives you the ability to create unique and content-rich experiences for your visitors. This new release from Wix is perfect for those who have little to no coding experience. It was designed with the same drag and drop capabilities Wix has become known to offer. Wix’s thorough tutorials are there to guide you through every step of the way and help you understand how to use these new features. Some of the Wix Code features include dynamic pages, databases, custom forms, third-party API connection and much more. So, let’s dig in!

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Dynamic Pages

Wix Code gives users the ability to create dynamic pages. The new Wix Code dynamic page feature gives you the control to set SEO settings and lets you choose how pages are indexed by Google. The SEO settings in the dynamic pages feature are powerful and allow you choose the exact keywords, titles and more. The dynamic pages feature lets you easily update your pages on the fly. It’s easy to update your SEO settings, just click on the SEO tab and you will find multiple settings.  You can find official Wix Code tutorials about setting up dynamic pages along with many in-depth tutorials of all the new features. So, if you are not a coding wizard, no fear! You can still learn how to create fantastic and interactive dynamic pages with little effort with Wix.

Custom Forms

The new custom forms feature is perhaps one of the most useful features in Wix Code. You can now engage your website visitors in a completely new way! The custom forms feature allows you to collect data for things like newsletters and saves all of the information into a collection for you to access at any time. You can create surveys, polls or really anything your heart desires. You can also fully customize the look of these forms and make it your own.

custom forms with wix code

custom form code in wix code


The new database feature in Wix Code allows you the opportunity to store an unlimited amount of data. On top of this, you can also display any type of data on your website and stylize it. Since the database is already part of Wix Code, there is no extra set up on your end. Simply create a collection and add, edit or delete any data you desire. This feature then gives you the power to change settings of what data is displayed, collected or stored. Another great part of it is you can have an unlimited amount of data, and it requires zero coding.

Third-Party API Capabilities

Since you can connect your website to other databases, this means connecting APIs is now possible with Wix Code. This feature is great and opens up a whole new world of opportunities on Wix websites. It is important to note that the database you are using must have its own API and have a code to complete the integration of the API. Wix Code makes it easy to connect third-party APIs within their platform.

api integration from wix code

Closing Thoughts on Wix Code

There is a lot of hype around all of the new features of Wix Code, and we understand why. There are endless opportunities for using these new features and many more features in Wix Code to explore. You can create truly dynamic web pages with total customization from start to finish. Beyond just basic web building, Wix Code takes website building to an entirely new level. You can now create content-rich experiences for your websites in no time. These new upgrades from Wix make them stand out as a website builder in the marketplace. Be sure to check out Wix Code and all the fantastic resources available to help you build the website of your dreams, today.

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