How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name that Sticks


Choosing the perfect domain name for a website seems easy, right? Not so fast, a well-planned website can make a big difference in how successful your business or project becomes. There are many factors to consider before pressing that launch button. We will discuss a few topics to review before picking a forever home on the web. It’s as big of a deal as naming your first child or pet, so take some time to make a statement and express yourself.

Research, research research

Any name you are contemplating for your brand or website needs to be thoroughly researched. All it takes is a few simple searches on Google to make sure the name is not already in use by anyone else or any other companies. Gather a list of keywords that represent what you do or the services you handle.

Make it memorable

Is the name you are planning to use catchy? Choosing a memorable name will help you stand out in a crowd. Be creative and memorable. Try bouncing ideas you have for your website name with friends, family, and colleagues. Two heads are always better than one, and even more, brainstorming is best.

Don’t use multiple hyphens, symbols or numbers

SEO professionals advise never to obtain a domain which has multiple hyphens, symbols or numbers in the URL. Domains with multiple hyphens appear spammy to users and other symbols can be considered to be SEO friendly. Proper SEO starts with having a solid domain name. From a general marketing aspect, a cleaner domain name is much stronger. Google has 200 ranking factors, and it’s smart to get started on the right foot with a legible URL.

choosing a domain name that sticks

Domain extension choice

A domain extension is the end of a website URL. A “.com” extension is the oldest and most trusted by users and search engines. If  “” is available we would definitely consider it as a strong option. However, consider your audience when making this selection. There are a wide variety of different domain extensions available. For example, photographers can choose a .photography extension for their site. The possibilities are endless. It’s up to you to choose what is most appropriate for your project or what’s best for branding.

Don’t be generic

In reality, a generic domain is hard to obtain. There are millions of pages on the web and thousands of different naming combinations you could use. A name that is not generic is something brandable and true to your ideas. Using spammy keywords in a URL won’t grab the attention of visitors. Don’t blend in and try to stand out amongst the competition.

Align website with brand

If you are a consultant, it is recommended to purchase a domain name that matches your company name or your full name. If you already have an established company or are branding yourself, use that name whenever possible. For example, if your name is John Smiths and you are a craftsman, use or something similar that sounds good.

branding a website

Make sure it’s pronounceable

The name of your website should be simple enough for anyone to pronounce. Practice saying the site name aloud. Does it roll off your tongue easily and make sense heard out loud? Also, pay close attention to the word the domain name spells out. Without spaces or punctuation, the website domain may spell out something entirely different.


Skip the cheese

Unless you are a comedian, it’s a good idea to stick with a name that isn’t inappropriate. Many things can be taken out of context online, and while it may be silly to you, not everyone will understand the joke or understanding the meaning.

Branding your website is an important piece of marketing your business or staking a claim for your project online. With some careful consideration, thorough research and creativity, you will be on your way to building the website of your dreams and connecting with people all around the world.

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