Musician’s Guide to Creating a Dazzling Website with a Wix Template


It is essential for any musician in this day of age to have a strong online presence. The music industry is constantly evolving at breakneck speeds. Artists need to do much more than play well, and they need marketing and business skills. The digital age has changed everything in the music industry and having an online presence is crucial.

musicians guide creating dazzling wix template
Musicians need to be experts in social media, content marketing and have savvy networking skills. Having a professional website can help artists stand out in the crowd. By using a site builder like Wix, artists can create a slick website in minutes. We have gathered a few of our favorite Wix templates for musicians.


Wix and other website builders offer a variety of simple to use templates for website creation. Using a website builder can save a ton of money. Hiring a web designer can cost up to $80 an hour and website projects can add up fast. On top of the expensive costs of web design, hosting and maintenance are also pricey. A simple solution is using a template that can be customized from a website builder.

Every band member should have a say in the design process. Make sure the template speaks to the audience. With a site builder, bands can add event calendars, upload music and so much more. It is practically effortless to set up a website where bands can keep fans up to date on performances, new merchandise, and new music.

band wix template

DJ’s & Producers

The recent boom of DJ and electronic music culture has hit and shows no signs of stopping. Everyone wants to be a DJ these days. This popularity of EDM and hip hop has made it more difficult for DJs to get noticed. Any artist should have their music front and center on their website. With a site builder, DJs can add their music through players like Spotify, iTunes or SoundCloud players.

Another great feature of these templates is the ability to sell music. Wix Music gives all artists capacity to stream and sell their music. The Wix player app seamlessly integrates into any template them for a professional looking and sounding experience for fans.

dj artist wix template

Solo Musicians

Marketing is an essential part of any business. All solo artists need to learn how to market themselves. Content is king in the music industry. Sharing music across multiple channels can improve an artist’s chances of being seen. Having a consistent message, spread across multiple channels can make the difference.

Solo artists must push even harder and work more to stand out from the crowd. They may not have a huge team, but using simple software can save time. Choose a template that best suits the unique vision and remember all templates are customizable. The flexibility of using a website builder is helpful as an artist’s career grows.  

solo artist template

The Future of Music is Here

These are just a few of the many templates Wix offers artists. There are dozens of customizable templates for any artist’s style. Wix offers musicians a way to promote and sell all of their music online. Bands and musicians get to keep every penny of their sales because it is commission free. The Wix music dashboard allows artists to sell their music on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, and Deezer.

Musicians need to connect with their fans now, more than ever. Having a keen sense of marketing will make a huge difference in the crowded music industry. By creating a simple website, musicians can sell music and target their niche of music lovers. Connect with fans, share music and watch the fan following grow.

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