Pokemon Go Trainer Card Template for Photoshop


Welcome, Pokémon Trainers, I’m Manimal Lecter in Pokémon Go. As one of the tech geeks over at Best 10 Website Builders and a long time beta Ingress player that loved having a personal “Agent” card, I wanted to create a Pokémon Trainer card so that anyone with Photoshop can make themselves a personalized card. If you don’t have Photoshop, you could consider Gimp ( Free Photo Editor ), or ask one of your awesome friends with Photoshop to help. You can digitally share and easily print these if so desired.

I was inspired by a card I saw from Illustrator Andrew Kolb who writes the rad and colorful children’s book Edmund Unravels. I recreated his card framing in Photoshop with all the files needed to create a team-themed card for Valor, Instinct, and Mystic.

Here are the mockups for each team card with a link to the Photoshop PSD file below the image. I compressed these images so that they load quickly.

Team Valor

Pokémon Go Trainer Card Valor – Photoshop PSD

Team Instinct

Pokémon Go Trainer Card Instinct – Photoshop PSD

Team Mystic


Pokémon Go Trainer Card Mystic – Photoshop PSD

You can find the Pokemon font here just in case you need it.

Essentially, the directions are as follows:

  1. Download one of the three team Photoshop files above
  2. Next you should decide which of the two team logo options you want to have visible. ( uncheck / check the “eyeball” on logo layer or logo 2 layer )
  3. Alter the text of the “Trainer Name”
  4. Save for Web

Here is mine ( Manimal Lecter ) as an example:


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