Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment and How to Increase Conversions


E-commerce has seen a tremendous boom in recent years, and if you are not selling your products online, you may be missing out on some big profits. A well-designed e-commerce shop on your site can attract customers and sell your products with the press of a few buttons. There are some pitfalls to be aware of though, roughly 60-80% of customers abandon their carts and never complete the checkout process. There are steps business owners can use to combat an abandoned shopping cart and make the buying process easier for customers.

Reasons Shopping Cart Abandonment Increase Conversions

Extra fees, shipping costs, tax

The biggest turn off for customers and the most common reason they will leave products in a cart is extra fees. Business owners may want to offer free shipping for first-time customers or offer special promotion to offset these additional costs. Many times, customers leave their carts because the shipping and extra fees are hidden until the end of the shopping process. Be sure to explain all additional costs upfront, so there are no surprises for the customers. Another option is flat rate shipping, regardless of the size of the package or special deals for free shipping if they spend a specific amount. For example, free shipping on all orders over $35.

Forced account creation

A positive and simple user experience is essential to increasing online sales. Many successful e-commerce shops allow customers to breeze through the buying process instead of forcing them to sign up for an account. The less amount of steps between a customer adding an item, to fully checking out the better. Take Amazon’s 1-Click ordering, after the very first order, is placed Amazon allows users to enable a faster checkout process where their payment information is automatically stored for future purchases.

abandoned shopping cart

The checkout process is difficult

A poorly designed checkout process can make sales tank. Online shoppers make their purchases online because it’s easy. They are not interested in going to a brick and mortar store or can’t do so. All businesses want to know more about their buyers. However, asking loads of questions during the critical checkout time isn’t the time. Instead, follow-up with customers after the purchase for feedback, surveys and other information to keep them loyal to your brand. As always, relationship building is the number one priority as well as providing excellent customer service through the buying process.

Prices are unclear

A great way to confuse potential customers is with unclear costs of an item. If customers don’t have a general estimate of shipping costs or taxes, they are very likely to bounce after reaching the final checkout stages of buying. Another option includes a delivery estimator or calculator. Users can plug in their zip code, and estimates are displayed depending on their region. Wix has gorgeous templates which allow for shipping information to be visible in addition to return and refund policies.

clear pricing for online shop products

Trust and Security

With all of the recent credit card hacking scandals on the news, customers are very wary of shopping online. If your cart and shop do not look reliable and safe, users are more prone find their items at other stores. Give customers constant reassurance about safety and security procedures taken by your business. The more legitimate your site looks, the more comfortable customers will be. They will be more comfortable returning for big purchases and repeat buying. These days, whether you go with popular e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce, Shopify, or an e-commerce solution from a website builder, you’re in good hands.

A straightforward and intuitive user experience is critical for improving cart abandonment and increasing sales. The e-commerce solutions from Wix and other website builders like are easy to use. They take the messy and challenging work of building a functional, user-friendly and secure shop off business owners shoulders. The Wix Online Store Builder makes it simple to set up a stunning storefront with fantastic management tools. Save time, money and most importantly make a positive impression on your clients. A secure, friendly shopping experience can improve conversions and create loyal customers for years to come.

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