Standing Out in a Crowded Online Marketplace


The internet is saturated with websites selling products and offering services. There are over 1 billion websites online, and that number increases every day. If you are a business owner in a crowded marketplace, you need a website that cuts through the noise. Attracting customers is fundamental to growing any business. Customer service, industry knowledge and understanding what makes you one of a kind goes a long way.

standing out in a crowded online marketplace

Discover what makes you unique

What makes you special? If you are not sure, it’s time to figure that out. Discovering what makes your brand unique is perhaps the biggest selling point of your product or service. Find the niche you excel at and completely focus on this. Communicate this specialty to your prospective clients and customers. Be number one at the natural gifts you have to be the best. Finding what makes your brand unique can set you apart from other competitors in a marketplace. Do you have the best prices? Or maybe the best online reviews? Make sure to make a big deal about what makes you the best. By using a website builder you can choose the perfect template and customize it to suit the needs of your brand.

Focus on customer service

Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Dollar Shave Club are world renowned for their customer service. Therefore business owners can learn a lot from these companies who rank high for showing their customers that they care. Customers and clients who receive excellent services are guaranteed to come back for more. Be available 24/7 if possible and make your customers all feel special. Finely tuned customer service is the perfect way to stand out amongst the competition, especially in a crowded marketplace. Customers will continue to return if you show a high level of care and concern for your relationship with them.

ecommerce customer service

Be consistent

Because technology moves incredibly fast these days, being consistent is key to being profitable. Jumping on the latest web trends can be enticing, but you never want to leave your core customers in the dust. Think about consistency in the quality of products you offer, the consistency of the user experience on your website and most importantly customer service. Consumers use online shopping as a way to find the best deals. However, they will become loyal to a business for having a consistent level of quality. For an e-commerce business clearly explained pricing, shipping and tax cost are helpful. Keep the quality of your products and services in line with your brand and website, and you will be successful.

Social media is powerful

Ahh, the mystery of social media. Everyone thinks they are an expert, but there is truly no way to understand how or why things go viral on social media. The first step is making sure you have uniformity among all social media channels. Facebook and Twitter are great places to provide excellent customer service. Instagram is also becoming a common platform for branding and selling. On average Facebook users are on the site for a least 30 minutes every day. Getting your brand and business exposure on these social networks is priceless. With a strong social media presence, opportunities are endless for small businesses. Use your social media channels cross promote blog posts, special sales, and releases of new products and services.

eommerce and social media

Become an industry influencer

By setting yourself up as a subject matter expert, you can build trust within a community. Subject matter experts are the new trend and can build large followings. Having a dedicated following will make it easy to sell a product or service. So, the more you know about your industry, the better. Becoming an industry influencer is all about transparency and knowledge. Understanding your audience is key to becoming an industry expert. What are their likes and dislikes? Do you understand their pain points? How can you alleviate those pain points with recommendations for your products or even help by referring them to another product/brand to help them even if it isn’t your own? Think about how the design of your website can empower you as an influencer.

Above all, it’s never been easier to design a unique website to help a business stand out. Website builders can solve e-commerce problems for business owners. When building a website keep these things in mind. Show off what makes you unique, center your efforts on customer service, know your brand and be consistent.

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