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This week, we are continuing our field wisdom series with a professional photographer in the wedding industry. We interviewed the award-winning wedding photographer, Keith Cephus to get his insight on wedding website building. Understanding why and how brides decide for or decide against using a website builder can help the website building industry create a better experience for their customers. In addition to giving real-life brides tips about making their wedding website special. This talented professional photographer has over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry. Wedding websites for brides are trendy, and we were looking for his input on what brides want and need from this emerging market.

website building words from wedding professional

How many years have you been in the wedding industry?

I have been in the business for about 20 years and found my passion while I was in the military. I enlisted in the military back in 1988, and at that point, I bought a camera, and my first camera was a Cannon A-E 1. Since that moment, I never put the camera down. The only reason I bought a camera to document the Orient and places in Japan. I just thought it was a beautiful country and I wanted to be able to tell a story of my time there.

What makes you unique?

We don’t just do weddings; we do different types of photography as well. We give our clients more than a photo shoot, we provide them with an experience, and this sets us apart. So many people take pictures. We try to create an experience that our clients will remember for years to come, and that has worked for us. Our brides are excited about the services that we offer. We are very energetic. We shoot with a lot of enthusiasm and that feeds off on our clients.

photographer keith cephus

What do you think brides want in a wedding website?

I think brides are looking for something unique. There are a lot of photographers that are using the same actions, and they are using the same presets so that everybody’s photos end up looking similar. So, I think that with the right eye and right photographic mindset, originality and being different is essential.

What kind of trends do you see coming down the pipeline for brides?

I think brides want to see meaning on their websites. I think video is something that is hot right now because brides are so enamored with social media and Instagram. I think sites nowadays if they have a little bit of video I think that will be a tremendous asset for the brides and their viewers as well.

With the technology of the modern DSLR cameras, we can do things like taking photos and videos while I am doing a wedding or engagement photo shoot and take a couple of short clips and then we can go back to the office and make a nice reel out of it. A lot of times brides want to see a photographer like myself at work, and so they can get a better understanding of who you are as artists.

What do you suggest for brides who are looking to share their wedding photos?

I still think Facebook is an excellent platform for sharing pictures. A lot of the millennials gravitate towards Instagram and Instagram stories and other platforms like Snapchat, but I would probably have to say Instagram and Instagram stories, and Facebook is the best.

What kind of role do you think technology and the internet will play in the future for brides?

Technology will play a significant role in the future of wedding planning. I think now you are seeing a decline in wedding planning because you have these savvy brides who use Pinterest now. Now they can go to Pinterest and get excellent wedding inspiration and maybe instead of using a full-service wedding planner, they only use this person for help during the day of the wedding. These brides are doing most of the work on their own.

Do you think there is anything that keeps brides from building websites?

I think Wix is a fantastic platform and more brides should be using it. It is cost-effective, and they have so many different templates that allow brides to showcase their wedding impeccably. I think Wix is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to future brides.

What would your number one tip for brides looking to create an online presence?

First of all, find a template that fits their style. When you look at Wix, they have so many different templates. Some are more innovative than others, search for that template that matches who you are because the template is going to tell your story. And then when you add the photos and maybe some videos that can bring your whole wedding journey to life. Do your research and get a template that suits your personality and if you have any questions, contact Wix. From my experience their customer service is excellent, and they can even help you pick the right template that fits your needs.

They have a great product, I have used it in the past. When I think of Wix, I think brides can use it because it’s innovative. I also see graphic designers using Wix and even models. Wix has so many different uses on so many different levels. When you look at a Wix website, they just look sexy. They are professional looking, bold, it’s an excellent choice, and I highly recommend it. Plus, the price is right.

Do you have any other tips for brides you would like to share?

To all you brides out there, keep in mind this is the biggest day of your life. Don’t skimp on photography, and I recommend hiring a professional photographer and not a family friend or not a college buddy who did photography on the side in college. If you really want to see excellent results with having beautiful photos on your website hire a professional who is going to do it and do it to the best of their abilities. Remember, there are no retakes when it comes to wedding photography. Either they are going to get the shots or not. So be strategic and make the right choice.

Thank you, Keith, for taking the time for this interview and shining more light on brides and website builders. Building a unique website is easier than ever when you use a website builder. Brides can save time and money by creating their special place online. The wedding industry is changing, and DIY options are becoming more available for brides to put their special twist on their special day. Learn how quick and easy it is to build your wedding website in just minutes. It’s as easy as choosing the perfect template, customizing the details and publishing to the web.

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