1&1 Review



  • Offers both Linux and Windows based servers
  • Quality customer support
  • Offers both basic and advanced packages for users of all skill sets


  • WebsiteBuilder Plus is required to add custom code to website templates
  • Less duration for a money back guarantee than many competitors
  • Less hosting tools available than some other big hosting companies

Overall Score

site builder summary


1&1 is one of the largest hosting companies on the market. Founded in 1988, this is one of the longest standing companies in the Internet services industry when it was first taking root. They offer a broad range of products and services. These services include domain names, web hosting, website building, marketing tools, and much more. They are also a lead marketer for their services using an aggressive advertising campaign that is only rivaled by GoDaddy. While all of this might link towards a good product, that isn’t necessarily the case. Let’s take a look at 1&1 and see if it lives up to all the hype.

value of the  builder

Value For Money

1&1 has several different types of hosting – shared hosting, virtual private server hosting (VPS), and dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting allows for multiple people to use the same server for hosting their websites and doesn’t take up a lot of space or server usage on an individual basis. Shared hosting is similar but is designed for more server usage and unlocks some other options. Dedicated hosting allows for a client to have a private server for their website, giving them ultimate control and accessibility.

Shared hosting with 1&1 is definitely on the cheaper end. Their minimum plan is only .99 cents for the first year, allowing startups to get their feet underneath them before the price jumps up to a standard $6.99. This plans allows for unlimited websites, unlimited web space, up to 20 SQL databases, 24/7 customer support, and up to 600 MB of RAM which is more than enough for simple websites. From there you can upgrade to the Unlimited Plus plan for $4.99 for the first year and scale up to $9.99 after a year. This plan adds on more RAM up to 1.2 gigabytes and includes SiteLock Basic and CDN. The Unlimited Pro plan comes in at $9.99 for the first year and scales up to $14.99. It comprises of 2 gigabytes of RAM, an SSL certificate, and app expert customer support.

Both the virtual private servers and the dedicated hosting servers are on the cheap end as well when compared to other competitors. Virtual packages start at $12.99 a month while dedicated packages start at $69.99 a month. 1&1 virtual and dedicated services contain the standard quality of quad core processors and a reasonable amount of RAM for the price.

Overall, 1&1 is cheaper than most options while offering the same server speed and RAM. Their discounted new client benefits are a great deal.

editor of the website builders


Each package includes the 1&1 website editor. The editor is fairly simple to learn how to use as it offers plenty of instructions and descriptions for elements. It uses a click and drop system, but it doesn’t allow for you to place elements anywhere you like. They force elements to be in certain positions so that it can have a responsive design.

The website editor is also quite a bit more restricting than those seen from other services. For example, you can’t just resize a content box or an image with a simple edge grabbing technique. A blue bar appears to show where you can drop elements, and if it doesn’t appear, it won’t let you place an element in your desired position.

The website editor is very basic and not the best on the market.

website builder templates

1&1 Templates

1&1 hosting includes dozens of pages of different templates to choose from. They are categorized, making it easy to select the template you want. Most of them are vibrant, modern designs. There are all sorts of types to work with different areas of business.


web build features

Additional Features

1&1 has plenty of widgets to include in your site. These widgets range from Google Maps to E-commerce stores. Some of these widgets are limited to Plus and Unlimited packages, however.

customer service

Guides & Customer Service

Along with a FAQ to help get you started, they offer both telephone and email support. Telephone support is the best way to get a fast response while emails can take up to a couple days to hear back. The staff are polite and courteous, and have been found to be really helpful.

Customer Opinions & Reviews

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