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  • Unlimited Storage Space and Bandwidth
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • 1000’s of Templates


  • No community support available for customers to communicate

Overall Score

site builder summary


Due to the somewhat minimalist design of their own site, it takes some research to really find out how Ehost stacks up to the rest of the website building and hosting platforms that are on the market. When digging a little deeper into the services and features that are included, the user will find that Ehost has great tools from multiple providers for building a website. In addition, this website builder allows for even more customizable content with the additional editing features that are provided for free. Ehost offers professional customer support 24/7 and has plenty of helpful resources so that a first time user can easily become a pro at creating websites. For the minimal cost, this is definitely a platform worth checking out.

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Value For Money

Using the services of Ehost will require a payment from the start. However, the cost is currently discounted to $2.75 a month for a hosting plan that is an incredible deal compared to other sites out there offering the same thing. The user has the option of different plans for hosting, and these will lower the cost per month depending on how long of an agreement is chosen. When looking at the multiple tools and other services that are included in the price, Ehost provides an incredible amount of value for the money spent by the user. When taking the marketing credits and additional features into consideration as well, it’s hard to beat Ehost’s value as an all-inclusive package.

editor of the website builders


A very impressive aspect of what Ehost offers is their website building and editing tools. For what it costs to start using the services, these tools and resources blow everything else out of the water. Ehost partners with other services like WordPress and b2evolution to offer the editing tools and content creation kits that both include. These options are great when creating a website, because they make the process super easy even if you are new to the entire process. The editing tools alone make Ehost a highly recommended choice.

The most basic choice in editing and building the website is the drag and drop tools. These are perfect for the first timer or inexperienced user who wants that safety net when creating a site. A decent-looking website can be created with relative ease using the drag and drop builder. The new user won’t have to enter any code at all with the available features that are included. For more seasoned users, Ehost has hosting through cPanel which will allow for the inclusion of custom scripts. This feature is perfect for taking more control over the website’s appearance and functions.

website builder templates

Ehost Templates

Ehost offers a competitive amount of prefabricated templates. There are 1000’s of choices that users can select to customize the look of a website without much effort. The templates include some gorgeous designs that will appeal to users. However, the website builder platform drops in the ball when it comes to offering previews of any templates at all. It may be hard to find and be comfortable a finished site template before committing to it, which is an issue for users who are primarily concerned with aesthetic appeal. However, the Ehost platform fortunately also provides more customizable editor features to give the user more control in how the finished product will look. In addition, the platform offers cPanel hosting so websites can always be designed on another outside source before being imported.

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Additional Features

There are a few notable extras that come with signing up and using Ehost. The site builder platform gives the user a free e-mail address with additional options that include email forwarding, auto-response features, spam filters, and virus scanning software. The email service is similar to what one would expect from the other providers that are based on the internet.

If the website is being created and designed for an online merchant, the Ehost platform will offer a free web store that works smoothly with the site. This same store function can be optimized for mobile devices so that customers can access the site from a phone or tablet. There is also integration with PayPal so transactions made through the online store are processed quickly and securely. The online merchant can choose their style of shopping cart that is displayed and also connect with others through social media integration.

When the users chooses to market the website, Ehost provides a credit amount of $100 for both Google paid advertising and Yahoo/Bing ads. In addition, the user can access guides about digital marketing and ideas for improving a website’s strength, placement in search results, and customer traffic.

Ehost has the latest web-based technology available for users who want to take advantage of it. Each account gets a free cloud storage service which is able to hold up to 1GB of file data. The user has access to interfaces that track the website traffic and monitor the statistics on a frequent basis. Domains are supported by high-performance servers offering a strong and consistent connection for the user’s websites.

customer service

Guides & Customer Service

When visiting the Ehost site, you can find multiple options for contacting the customer support team. These services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, which offers convenience for users who might be working at any given hour of the day. The user can email the support team and expect a response within a reasonable amount of time in most cases. Another option featured is live chat support, which is by far the best choice for urgent requests and other matters that need to be resolved immediately. There is always a representative on standby for live chat. If the user prefers an old-fashioned way of communication, there is a toll-free phone number available to call support services.

The site offers a few resource guides to help the user get started, and additional questions can always be addressed by contacting a representative or visiting the comprehensive online help center. Other guides are included in the website builder automatically in the form of step-by-step tutorials, so users will have ample assistance in getting a site formatted and launched.

Customer Opinions & Reviews


Connor Borough - 10:09 am

I just signed up and so far, the process has been very easy. Not much to it. I had a few questions, so I contacted the customer services. I used their chat because I’m not much of a phone talker. Someone was available to help me within seconds. I’m a big advocate on customer service. It can make or break an experience. As of now, I have nothing bad to say, only positive things.


Bryan Ceralio - 8:25 pm

I have a small website. It doesn’t bring too much traffic so I needed a basic plan with user friendly features, which is what ehost provides.

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