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Cheap initial price, Good Templates, Simple Easy to use Editor.


Poor Support, Lack of Additional Features.

Overall Score

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GoDaddy is primarily a domain name merchant, with 59 million domain names under management and 12 million customers, they are quite a force in the domain name world. The focus of this Godaddy review is on their GoDaddy website builder service, which comes as an add-on to their domain name service – if you buy a domain, you get to build the “Website To Go” on it for free. Simple as that. As far as building the website goes, GoDaddy is most certainly easy to set up. Everything you may need when running a simple online website is accessible to the user. Although, this does come as a trade off for quality and the size of your wallet. The features are there, but if you want them, you will have to pay. This would be moderately acceptable in the format of paying a larger price at the start to have access to more features, after all, this is what most website building services do, but with GoDaddy, there is something naturally unsettling about having to enter your card details every time you want to build a menu.

value of the  builder

Value For Money

The first year of GoDaddy website building will always be great, and you can get your site off the ground for just $1 per month. As any GoDaddy user must know, this quickly turns into a game of how quickly can I get a refund, as you will be slapped with a monstrous bill if you creep over the 1-year mark. GoDaddy does not have a free option, which is very disappointing, as most big website building services at least offer a trial. This means you have to rely solely on reviews and references before investing your time and money into a product you may well dislike. Surprisingly, the ‘Economy’ package we used was not enough to gain access to most of the features of GoDaddy’s website builder, which leads us to believe that what you pay is for the domain hosting and management, not a class website building service, which is certainly fitting to GoDaddy’s past.

editor of the website builders


We liked GoDaddy’s website editor for a few reasons, it’s layout was very non-intrusive, which made for very clean and manageable editing space, which is perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Also, the features (of those we were allowed to access, anyway) were very easy to find and integrate. One irritating aspect of GoDaddy’s editing environment was the amount of space dedicated to upsells, as most of the feature space was things you could not access unless you want to shell out once again.

website builder templates

GoDaddy Templates

GoDaddy’s template (or ‘themes’ as they call it) selection is limited, to say the least, it’s not the least amount we’ve seen, but it is most certainly down there. They have around 300 to choose from, meaning it is very unlikely that a user will find one representing their cause and design preferences, increasing the amount of work they will have to put into the site to get it the way they want. The templates themselves don’t look too bad, each of them modern and nicely laid out, being suitable to their cause simultaneously. If you are looking for choice, look elsewhere, a lot of other website builders are in the thousands of templates. If you don’t know what design you want for your site, GoDaddy might be suitable, but the more templates there are, the more likely it is you will find a design you relate with, which is important. Design is arguably the most important part of a website, and it can be the difference between a user returning or not. Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not necessarily recognize and support this.

web build features

Additional Features

The features supplied are very useful, but as we mentioned before, your access to them is dependent on if you are willing to pay for them time and again. The auto-saving aspect of the editor we found to be perfect and felt it would be very useful to every beginner. It would save any loss of progress if you encountered any interruptions, which we think is powerful. The ability to set up an email related to your domain is great and adds a great deal to the professionalism of your business site. On other website building services you are supplied the tools to do it yourself, but it can be quite complicated and even costly depending on how you go about it. The fact that GoDaddy takes care of it quietly for you in the background is very helpful and appreciated by the pros.

customer service

Guides & Customer Service

Help is where GoDaddy falls short of what you’d expect from a company of its size and responsibility. As always, blogs and a product support knowledge base is part of their function, but when you consider the fact that GoDaddy is primarily domain hosting and management professionals, it should be no surprise that their website building knowledge is not up to par. If you are a beginner, I recommend going elsewhere to a dedicated website building service, which you will find closer to the top of our rankings. Despite this, there is one very impressive part of GoDaddy’s service which relates to helping, their ‘Known Issues’ feature that recognizes when there is a significant fault in your building/editing, giving you tailored advice to combat this directly. GoDaddy being of little help to their website building customers could be drastically changed if they offered a better customer contact option, or upgraded their current phone line help. This will be echoed by other reviews on GoDaddy, that their customer service is not up to scratch.

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