Site123 Review



  • Instantly translates site into multiple languages
  • Variety of customisable templates available
  • User-friendly dashboard and great software for beginners
  • No coding or design skills required


  •  Potentially too limited for advanced and experienced website builders
  • Limited package options available
  • Limited design features
  • Unable to import themes
  • Only offer a basic online store

Overall Score

site builder summary


Site123 is undoubtedly the easiest website building company currently available online. There are plenty of sites that claim to be the easiest, but they almost always require some website building knowledge, even at the most basic level. Site123, however, is entirely different. There is no dragging and dropping of items needed, and their setup wizard will walk users through the process step by step. They also offer a number of features not commonly found with other site building companies. It is a great source to use especially for those that are building a website for the first time or just those that have limited knowledge and experience with the subject.

value of the  builder

Value For Money

Those that are unsure about which package suits their needs best will be pleased to hear that Site123 offers a basic package free of charge as well as a free trial of their premium package, which is their most popular choice. While the free package offers little more than half a gigabyte of storage space and a gigabyte of bandwidth, the premium package offers much more. It includes a whopping 10GB of storage space, 5GB bandwidth in addition to removing the site tag, providing a domain connection, and giving you the option to manage messages from your website through your email address, in addition to many other perks. The premium package provides users with many more features and is a great value if it fits within your budget.

editor of the website builders


The editor for Site123 is unlike any that you may have encountered before. Most web building sites have users to drag and drop the content wherever they would like on the screen and require them to have some basic web design skills to make the site look the best it can be. With Site123, all users have to do is upload their content and it creates a website for you. In fact, it doesn’t just create a full website, but a mobile version, as well. There are many different pre-made templates and layouts that you can select from to make it even easier to have your website look just the way you want it. Even if you have no idea how to achieve any of these things, the step by step instructions will make it seem like you’ve been building sites for years.

website builder templates

Site123 Templates

Using a template to design a website gives it a more professional, organized look without requiring users to have any design or coding knowledge. Site123 knows how important having a good website layout is and has a wide variety of templates from which users can choose. Some things to take into consideration when selecting one of the many layouts is what your target audience is, what kind of site is that your building, and perhaps a general idea of how you would want the finished product to look.

web build features

Additional Features

Most people find that searching for the perfect template and layout is usually the hardest and most complicated part of building a website, but figuring out what images you need, and where to find them can be one of the most time-consuming. Fortunately, Site123 holds a large image bank for you to choose from, all of which are royalty free and high quality. Site123 also instantly creates a mobile version of each site, ensuring that your website will be able to be viewed in all of its perfection on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Site123 also offers SEO tools, where you may create other things such as blog hosting, online storefronts, and email marketing campaigns. Site123, in fact, allows users to change the website’s default language. This feature not only translates the language in the body of the text, but it also changes all the titles, headers, and footers. The dashboard is easy to use and is also very well organized, making it fast and easy to find everything that you may need.

customer service

Guides & Customer Service

If you find yourself with questions when using Site123, you have several options. You can send them an email, which will be answered promptly, or open up a live chat for a faster response. If you would rather try to solve the problem yourself, they have a selection of YouTube videos that show how to use many of the features. There are also links to their social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, on the Contact Us page of their site.

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