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  • Most popular plan is the 24-month plan which requires an upfront payment

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Siteblog is an ideal website builder for those who are interested in simple tools for blog site creation and professional services to back them up. This provider has thousands of premade templates in their collection, all of which can be adjusted and tweaked for a personalized appearance. The ease of use offered by the website editing tools is complemented by the additional features that the user receives at no cost for improving a website’s marketing presence and ranking in search engines. If you are a blogger interested in expanding your reach, Siteblog is a perfect choice.

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Value For Money

Though it is not immediately clear, the Siteblog platform will allow the user to create a free blog website with a free subdomain before signing up for any of the premium plans. The most basic hosting plan is quite affordable and includes multiple features for creating a website, so the user is able to get considerable value for their money without having to spend an astronomical amount. There are a total of four different plans available to the user, based on individual needs and demands for performance. Even the higher-tiered plans are rather inexpensive compared to other companies offering identical services, so Siteblog is definitely recommended for the blogger on a budget.

editor of the website builders


Because this website builder is geared towards the market of blogging and blogging sites, you might expect the editing features to be scarce. As it turns out, that is not the case when designing the website using Siteblog’s editor. Obviously, there are drag and drop features built in so that a first timer has no issues creating a site. These features can be further customized, and the user will find that they are able to manipulate the formats of content, headers, footers, and other aspects of the site. Icons and buttons can be personalized, and there is a blank canvas editor which allows the user to mix and match parts of the site. There do not seem to be many options for importing custom scripts using other tools, but the average blogger will not have much need for those extras.

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Siteblog Templates

Anyone using Siteblog will have no problem finding a pre-made template to include in formatting their website. At the present time, this website building platform has over 10,000 templates that users can choose from. After reviewing some examples, it is safe to say that Siteblog has something for everyone as far as the templates go. They are professionally designed and look great, making it easy to enhance a website with a new look. In addition, Siteblog can create a custom blog design for the user if something is not found. The custom blog services are an extra charge on top of the cost of the plan.

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Additional Features

Siteblog proves itself to be worth the cost from the basics that it offers, but its extra features that are included set the website building platform apart from the rest. The user will have access to important SEO tools for free when using Siteblog, which are vital to optimizing a website’s content so that it can rank in search engines and generate the desired traffic. This platform gives recommendation on the strength of focus keywords and guides the user through creating compelling page titles and meta descriptions.

Digital marketing is a major part of creating a website that needs exposure, so Siteblog also offers free marketing tools for the user to get their content out there. These include features and tips on how to draw traffic to a site, and the user can see real time status reports of this data with graphs and statistics. The user can learn how to build up the reputation of their blog and enable it to reach a much wider audience. Other sites have vague resources regarding the other aspects of running a website, so Siteblog earns good marks for this.

Email services come free with the Siteblog plan, and the user will be able to assign an unlimited amount of contact addresses to a domain name. This is a handy tool for communicating with visitors to the website and includes forwarding, automated response, and advanced monitoring tools that scan for viruses and filter out unwanted spam mail.

Other features with Siteblog include a stock image library. If a user wants to add visuals to a website that complements the content, they can choose from multiple images that are optimized and ready to be uploaded. This is another feature that works great for the inexperienced user, as it allows for further customization without hassles and it is included for free in the hosting plan.

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Guides & Customer Service

There are plenty of Siteblog users out there who work at all hours of the day, including overnight in order to complete a project. In order to accommodate this, Siteblog offers customer support services that are available every day throughout the week and 24 hours a day. The user can get in touch with a representative by calling one of the telephone numbers provided, based on region. These numbers are toll-free. There is also an option to fill out an online contact form and email it to the support team. The response time from Siteblog is quick, which is good news for users with urgent inquiries. While it is not actively displayed on the site, Siteblog also has a live chat feature. This is the ideal choice for communicating with a representative instantly, and it is available at any time.

For more general inquiries, there is a wealth of information on the Siteblog platform offering guides for different features. In the support section, the user can find multiple resources on how to purchase domain names, building websites, and successfully monetizing sites. There are certain obstacles that many individuals run into when starting the process of creating a website, especially those who may be inexperienced. Because of this, Siteblog has an area dedicated to frequently asked questions and their appropriate answers. The guides and customer service at Siteblog are quite impressive and come across as one of the platform’s strongest attributes.

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