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Fantastic professional looking website templates, easy to use and very reasonably priced.


No community support available for customers to discuss tips etc.

Overall Score

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Sitelio is not one of the most well-known site builders but one which we think deserves a bit more attention. They have a focused attention towards design and would be perfect for the more creative users. There is a huge selection of templates to choose from, all different designs and color schemes, which are aesthetically pleasing. Sitelio is recommended for the user who is looking for a very simple building and design experience, while maintaining a tremendous potential for website creation. The Sitelio website builder was created for everyone, but if you have a design inclination, you will have a ball using their service.

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Value For Money

Sitelio has very competitively priced packages if you need options that may not be available in the free version. Sitelio’s free website building option is one of the most generous we have seen to date, allowing you access to thousands of templates, unlimited pages and the ability to publish to a Sitelio subdomain.  The ‘Simple’package is $4.97 per month and includes 1GB storage, 2 GB bandwidth, a free domain and mobile site options. This is an excellent value for money, due to the free domain primarily. To get the same on other website building services, you would have to pay much more. The ‘Captivating’ and ‘Outstanding’ plans are the more expensive options at $11.85 per month and $14.97 per month respectively. As expected, you get much more storage and bandwidth (unlimited on ‘Outstanding’). In addition to this, you get a bunch of advertising credits to help increase traffic to your website. This makes both of these plans a substantial value for the money. To get the same elsewhere, you would have to pay more.

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The team at Sitelio has spent a lot of time and money on producing a very simple, accessible and feature-full website editor. Most users will be pleasantly surprised with what they can create, even some professional web designers. Building a website with Sitelio is so easy even kids could do it, we wish this were available when we were young! Each account type comes with a huge HD stock picture base. These HD images are responsive to the area size, filling up any space you present it, which is a valued feature for any designer in charge of website building in this day and age. High-quality imagery and backgrounds can be the bread-and-butter of every good looking website in 2016.

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Sitelio Templates

Templates are the cornerstone of website builders, something which Sitelio has clearly recognized. There are thousands of templates available for the user to choose from, regardless of the price they pay for the service. This is a very smart move from Sitelio because templates are crucial to the beginning designer and their websites, simply, the more there are (assuming quality remains), the better it is for the user. In the case of Sitelio, quality does remain, surprisingly well. The look of the templates is just what you’d expect from a design savvy website building company in 2016 – Clean, functional, and modern aesthetics.

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Additional Features

There are lots of very useful and value-adding features made available by Sitelio. For example, integration with Google Analytics is a smart addition to the service. Just enter in the tracking ID Google gives you, and the most popular and advanced website tracking and statistics tools are at your disposal. Another smart feature is the Email Assist tool, which helps you create email accounts hosted on your domain name. This is an important characteristic which helps with your sites professionalism and functionality. Your visitors will see that your email address is based on your domain and not a ‘gmail’ or ‘hotmail’ account, which helps in building trust. Sitelio has lots of different add-ons which you can choose to enhance your website. Our favorite is the ‘Supercharge’ add-on which ramps up the hosting power behind your account, giving your visitors much better load times and responsiveness. This should be an option of every website building service.

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Guides & Customer Service

Sitelio’s urgency regarding help is demonstrated by the ability to get access to their vast knowledge base straight from the editor. You can enter your question to a search function which finds the article you need to answer your question, which usually holds the answer to most queries. You can contact an expert using their phone line and email, which should resolve any challenges that are not answered in their knowledge base.

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