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Very powerful drag and drop editor, wide range of attractive, professional looking templates.


No forum for community support.

Overall Score

site builder summary


Sitey is one of our favorite website builders on the market due to its powerful editor and a huge selection of professional looking templates! What it lacks in customer base, it more than makes up for in usability and accessibility to beginners. It is hard to argue with Sitey’s model – a great selection of high-quality templates, simple editor, more features that the competitors! It is very clear that the team at Sitey have pinpointed everything a website builder user may want, and put all of their time and efforts into making those options better.

value of the  builder

Value For Money

Sitey offers excellent value for money as its 100% free to use. If you didn’t want to build your website entirely for free, there are three upgrade options – ‘Starter’, ‘Pro’ and ‘eCommerce’, which costs $4.35, $6.85 and $12.47 respectively. Pro is the best value for money, with 5GB storage, free hosting, a free domain name and much more. At just $6.85 per month,  Sitey offers much more value than many other similarly priced plans on other website building services. You also get a selection of free advertising credits and the ability to tweak the mobile version of your site, which is crucial to a professional website’s appearance and progression.

editor of the website builders


As we mentioned before, Sitey’s editor is incredibly easy to grasp, regardless of how much prior experience you may have had. Beginners will be very surprised with what they can create, with a vast design space and surprisingly non-intrusive feature bars. You can edit the mobile view of your website with distinct ease, which is massively helped by the fact that Sitey’s templates are responsive, meaning they will change to fit any screen size. From within the editor, it is very easy to preview your website, on desktop and mobile, save it and finally publish it. These features are surprisingly rare among website builders, but is inherently natural and intuitive, which is what you can expect from editing with Sitey.

website builder templates

Sitey Templates

If you think any other website builder has a lot of templates, wait until you see Sitey’s library of modern and inviting templates. There are thousands. And the great thing is the sheer quantity of templates hasn’t compromised the standard of the templates because (as we mentioned in the summary) Sitey has spent a lot of time and resources making their template base as extensive and impressive as it is. With such a vast template selection the user will benefit  – more obviously, they will have a higher chance of them finding a template which represents their particular needs and design preferences. But less obvious is the very compelling benefit of self-improvement. As a user searches through the template base, they can pick up neat design ideas and tricks, which will ultimately contribute to the aesthetics of their final site.

web build features

Additional Features

Sitey has no shortage of cool, useful features. Somehow they have managed a perfect harmony between ease of use and lots of features. Logic would say that the more features, the more complicated it has to be. This logic doesn’t apply to Sitey and their editor in particular. One feature we found particularly beneficial, which is sometimes overlooked on other website builder review sites, is the ability to perfect the mobile version of your site. Almost 2 billion people use their smartphones and tablets to browse the web. A website cannot miss out on this traffic by having a site that ignores mobile functionality. Also, the ease of which one can add to and maintain a blog is astounding. All it takes is your content; the rest just falls into place. Very, very powerful.

customer service

Guides & Customer Service

Help is very easy to find on the Sitey platform, regardless of where you are in the process, taking you to a simple yet insightful support center. The support center features a quick search ability, which returns relevant articles based on what you ask. There’s also a phone line and a quick email function.  You can even reach them on their Twitter account. Although Sitey deals with most questions in a reasonable time frame; you will find comfort in the fact that they respond to billing inquiries with top priority, which we feel is unique with Sitey.

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