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Good customer support, good choice of templates


Poor website builder, not very easy to use.

Overall Score

site builder summary


Web.com is an established player in the website hosting, website building, and online marketing scene. They make their entry costs incredibly enticing, as low as $1.95 for the first billing cycle, after which it catapults up to a ridiculous price. Web.com has won awards for their service, which is a testament to their very high customer recognition ratings, appearing on TV multiple times. Web.com has a knack for being unhelpful in regards to support, which is surprising considering their size and notoriety. This has come to our attention not by using it ourselves, simply because we didn’t have to, but by the sheer quantity of customer reviews which relate to Web.com having poor support. A search on google will confirm this. Overall, Web.com is not a great choice, you will be stunned by their second-term prices, and when you go to rectify your billing, you will be met with an unhelpful customer service team. Not a cycle you want to be in! Your impending disappointment with Web.com starts with their painful sign-up form, which requires a password with an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, a special character and must be 8-14 characters long.

value of the  builder

Value For Money

Web.com lacks a free, or even trial service in their roster. This is surprising from a company that size, but we think this may hint at the fact they could have something to hide about their service. The cheapest package, ‘Website Builder’, starts at $1.95 per month, which lasts for the first billing cycle. Then, as we mentioned, it explodes significantly. The pricing does include a free domain name, templates and some stock images. The next most expensive package, ‘Website Builder and Online Marketing’, starts at $2.95 per month, including all of the ‘Website Builder’ features plus SEO help and submission to the 3 top search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The extras are worthy of the extra $1 per month.

editor of the website builders


Web.com needs to update the feel and usefulness of their editor. It includes most of the functionality you can find in the other website builders but does feel a bit dated and slow, though you will likely find it easy to understand and utilize.

website builder templates

Web.com Templates

Web.com has impressive templates when you consider the amount. 10,000+ of them are available to the user. This is a phenomenal amount, which is widely unmatched in the website building arena. This is great because it is much more likely that a user will find a template which matches their niche and design preference, meaning the amount of work they need to put into it is minimized. The aesthetics of the templates are lacking and offer very little appeal. Out of the ridiculous amount, there are only a few which I would consider usable, clean and modern. Most of them look like they were designed in the editor of decades past. When this is paired with a poor editor, it makes for a disappointing concoction resulting a terrible website. In short: If you want quantity over quality, Web.com is the choice for you.

web build features

Additional Features

Despite the editor being very distasteful, there are a couple of features which most would find useful. First of all, there is the spelling and grammar checking tool which is a very good idea to have included in a website builder, and we think every company should integrate something like this. Another great feature is the ability to create a coupon for a store you launch on Web.com, which is brilliant for marketing purposes and makes for a much more well-rounded online store experience. Also, it is the first time we have seen this feature on any website building service that isn’t dedicated to eCommerce.

customer service

Guides & Customer Service

There are lots of ways you can get hold of some advice regarding Web.com’s website building service – create a response ticket, email their support team and also make use of their 24/7 phone line service. Where Web.com falls is in the quality of this service, which is well known to be below par. There are reports from customers online which tell us that to verify an account they will ask for your password over the phone, which is not only awful for security reasons, but no company, online or otherwise should not have access to users passwords in plain text, which goes without saying. There is a large online community of Web.com users, which is useful as tips and tricks are traded on blogs, threads, and other websites like YouTube, which I suppose slightly redeems Web.com for their lack of service quality.

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