Webs Review



  • Fair priced
  • Offers a free version to allow web developers to try out the editor before subscribing
  • Built in e-commerce store and statistics


  • Low-quality customer support
  • Email address limitations
  • Must have Enhanced version or higher to gain access to prem

Overall Score

site builder summary


Webs is an enormous website builder that is currently hosting over 55 million websites across the Internet. Popping up in 2001, this website builder came about right before other services like Squarespace and Wix joined the scene. This is a website builder and hosting company that focuses on small businesses. While it is completely possible to build a personal, non-profit website with Webs, most of the features are geared towards helping marketable business.

value of the  builder

Value For Money

Webs has three main pricing options and a free version. The free version has heavy limitations on available features and brands the site with a Webs label, making it not such a great option for commercial websites.

The first pricing option is the Starter package that is designed for simple websites. It allows for an unlimited number of pages, a custom domain name, password protected pages, and so much more. It gives users up to 1 gigabyte of storage space and access to basic statistics. This package will cost a fair price of $5.99 a month.

Moving on up, we come to the Enhanced package. Valued at $12.99 a month, this package is a little pricier but holds more value. Users get up to 5 gigabytes of storage space, up to 20 web store items, access to premium themes, and even three custom email addresses.

The final plan is the Pro plan which will cost you $22.99 a month. It makes a big leap in storage space, granting unlimited storage for website developers. It also allows for an unlimited amount of store items, making it a better choice for larger businesses. It also helps market your website a bit more with the SEO Booster and automatic search engine submission option.

These plans are relatively decent in price and value. The Pro plan would only be worth it for websites that have a lot of items in their online stores. Otherwise, the Enhanced package would be optimal for most web developers.

editor of the website builders


The Webs Editor is a drag and drop builder that is easy to use. The editor isn’t exactly unique and uses a module system, so while it’s useful, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table that you couldn’t find somewhere else. Web developers have to use what is available in the editor and can’t insert custom code. The biggest advantage is a small learning curve, as it’s quick and easy to pick up on all the features.

website builder templates

Webs Templates

Webs has an extensive array of 450 templates, which is a much larger selection than a lot of competitors. These templates are designed to be mobile friendly and responsive. You can make your selection from one of over 20 various industry categories. You must have at least the Enhanced package before gaining access to premium themes.

web build features

Additional Features

Webs has a built in e-commerce store that is pretty handy if you have at least the Enhanced plan. They also include built-in membership features that allow you to build a community on your site which are rare for most website building services.

customer service

Guides & Customer Service

The customer service for Webs is not that great unless you’re willing to pay. The Starter plan gives only email support, the Enhanced plan adds in Live Chat, and the Pro plan adds phone support feature. Not having these available for all tiers hurts this service’s ratings.

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