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Simple to use editor, plenty of website templates


Doesn’t offer true drag and drop functionality, relativity expensive.

Overall Score

site builder summary


Weebly is an incredibly well-known website builder and is one of the most reliable. It’s favor as a top website builder is mainly down to its ease of use and reliable setup. Weebly is a steady bet when choosing a site builder; which is backed up by its global popularity. We weren’t overly impressed by the quality of their templates and the features on offer aren’t much to write home. Weebly is certainly a good, solid choice in the website builder options.

value of the  builder

Value For Money

Weebly offer their users a free account to start off, which includes basic access to their site editor, hosting, unlimited pages and five products on an e-commerce store. The value offered is brilliant when you consider what other companies offer in their free account. The first paid account, ‘Starter’, costs $4 per month, and as you would expect, removes Weebly branding, and you can connect your domain name. The Starter plan also allows you to expand your store from 5 to 10 products. These additions are a relatively good value for the money. The next upgrade, ‘Pro’, costs $8 per month, which entails everything in the Starter plan with a lot more features, plus the ability to have a membership service. You can have up to 100 members on your website, which isn’t a ton, but the whole concept of being able to have members is brilliant and is the next step for website builders worldwide. The most expensive option, ‘Business’, costs $25 per month and offers everything most businesses would need. You get unlimited products in your store, unlimited members and most importantly a 0% transaction fee, which means that any online store can receive 100% of the value of what they sell.

editor of the website builders


Weebly offers a very a very competent editor, it is smooth, responsive and has useful features. What makes it much better than a lot of our lower rated website building editors is how straightforward and accessible it is, you can logically get to different features and then integrate them into your site quickly. The way Weebly has designed the editing space is smart, making the feature bar and options not at all intrusive to the designing area, allowing for beginners to see clearly what they are doing to their site, and allowing the design pros to go to town. Weebly has a mobile website editing interface, which is crucial as search engines like Google take preference on websites with an interface that is conducive to mobile devices, as more and more users search with their mobiles to browse the web. If your site is not up to mobile standards, it decreases the chance that they’d return your site as a trusted authority on the subject matter.

website builder templates

Weebly Templates

Weebly supply around 200 template types. You can also choose from a selection of colors which we thought was a nice feature, however, the number of templates is quite underwhelming. Most similar sized companies offer thousands, and in some cases, up to 10,000 templates for their users to choose. However, the templates are well designed and will most certainly give the user a great starting point when developing their website.

web build features

Additional Features

Leading on from the templates, a fantastic tool to use in the first few minutes of web designing is the background editor tool, which allows you to blur, darken, set positions and more. This is perfect for beginners and pros alike because the majority of websites nowadays feature large, high-def backgrounds, so being able to perfect these is important. As mentioned before, Weebly doesn’t offer every feature you may need but does provide the main ones you would expect to see from such a company. The e-commerce package is impressive and includes marketing credits to help you advertise your site.

customer service

Guides & Customer Service

It’s no secret that help on Weebly is more than substantial, the problem arises when you need to find it! It’s not available directly from the editor, which is where most of the problems users encounter will occur. Despite this, when help is finally located, it is one of the best we’ve seen. There is a phone number which you can call and also a chat function you can use on the website which connects you directly with a customer service assistant.

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