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Nice site builder platform, offer a free account (very basic)


Very poor template selection.

Overall Score

site builder summary


Yola offers a relatively impressive website building package with a ‘free’ account offering which further adds to its accolades. The editor is clean and well laid out offering us all of the features we would expect and a few more. You certainly don’t feel overwhelmed when you start building a website with Yola, but you also don’t feel restricted by a lack of functionality, a good mix. All in all an excellent product.

value of the  builder

Value For Money

As we mentioned Yola offers a free account as one of their plans, with this, you are limited to just three pages and minimal storage and bandwidth and a Yola subdomain which is par for the course with a free plan. If you are interested in upgrading to a paid account, the base plan works out at a competitive $4.17 a month (if purchased yearly). In comparison to the other paid plans, the basic plan is…..well basic. You will get more bang for your buck with the professional plan where you are offered significantly more features.

editor of the website builders


The editor is impressive, what Yola has managed to do is get a real balance between ease of use and functionality. The nav panel which is situated at the top of the screen doesn’t interfere with your site building experience. You can navigate between all of the different functions extremely smoothly, and you almost feel like a power user within minuted of using the builder. Quite simply everything just fits nicely, like a tidy desk and you feel like you can create something that you will be proud of.

website builder templates

Yola Templates

Templates is where Yola falls short, way short. It’s not that the templates are unattractive, but it’s the sheer lack of choice offered that will put many customers off! When deciding on a site builder, you tend to browse through the template gallery, and if there’s only 50 or so you are left wanting more, well with Yola you are offered 10! The designs aren’t attractive or flexible enough to get away with having such a small amount.

web build features

Additional Features

The features available in Yola’s editor are more than sufficient, they go some way to satisfying your website building needs. There is a handy SEO section which scans your site and gives you tips on how to improve the sites SEO. This, however, is only available to upgraded users, but extremely helpful none the less. The one gripe we have about Yola is that you don’t get to use any of the cool features available unless you are on an upgraded plan. Maybe limited access would help wet the appetite of the free user and make them more likely to upgrade?

customer service

Guides & Customer Service

The help available on Yola is pretty standard to what other site builders in their category offer. There is a handy help bar in the bottom right of the editor that is always on hand to help with any questions you may have. However, it doesn’t always have the answer you desire. Email help is on hand for the more complex queries you may have.

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