Dropbox Review

Dropbox Review


  • Easy file sync
  • File sharing


  • Not true computer backup software
  • No phone in customer service

Overall Score

cloud storage review summary


Our Dropbox review will show you how they are the epitome of simple. This is true for their private customer accounts as wells as their business cloud storage service known as Dropbox for Teams. The business product is designed to work well for any sized business and uses shared quotas for storage which makes team access easy. The design is essentially like an on-site storage network but conveniently held off site with Dropbox for security of the data. Dropbox accounts for Teams are reasonably priced and additional use licenses may be purchased on an as-needed basis.

cloud storage features


  • 2 GB free storage
  • Access to files right from the Dropbox website
  • Manual bandwidth limit settings
  • Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Android supported
  • Linux, Mac and Windows supported
  • Simple Sharing of folders, documents and projects
  • One month archived backup history
product philosphy

Product Philosophy

Simplicity in everything from how easy it is to get tech support to restoring files to previous versions; Dropbox is very modern, very caring and very in touch with their customer’s needs. The idea behind Dropbox is that customers can drop their files in and not have to give it a second thought. In the continuation of their dedication to ease of use, Dropbox also offers Dropbox Mobile. With this app for iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android, users may access their files right from their smartphones for uploading or downloading purposes. “Your stuff is safe,” really says it all.

storage security


Dropbox relies on AES 256 encryption which is the same kind of security that you can expect at your local bank. Dropbox also manages your encryption keys, so the positive there is that if you lose your encryption key it may still be recovered. Because Dropbox uses the Amazon Cloud for their data storage, their servers and data centers are as secure as Ft. Knox. The data centers are protected against network intrusions and actual physical intrusions. Transfers are also secured between Dropbox and their client’s systems. In fact, their mobile apps carry the exact same level of encryption that the main service provides.

how much storage offered


Storage space at Dropbox is broken down into Basic, Pro 50, Pro 100 and Teams. Basic is 2 GB of free storage space for general use. The Pro 50 plan runs at $9.99 a month and gives 50 GB of space. Pro 100 is $19.99 a month and offers 100 GB of space. The Teams plan is 350 GB of shared space and billing is based on how many user accounts are needed.

how easy is it to use

Ease of Use

Dropbox is hands down the easiest cloud storage service available. Dropbox is also very good about listening to their customer’s suggestions. They make a Vote box available on their website for customers to leave feedback and suggestions for the developers and admins.

customer service

Help & Support

Dropbox technical support is available through their website and through customer login. Tickets for service may be submitted directly from the Dropbox help and support page.

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