Hightail Review

Hightail Review


  • Easiest way to send large files
  • Sign Documents Digitally
  • Access from any device
  • Free 14 Day Trial


  • Free Service only permits one file at a time

Overall Score

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Formerly known as YouSendIt, Hightail has become one of the leading users of cloud based software. In our Hightail review, you’ll find it makes sending large files through the internet a breeze and this is the main reason it is used. Email cannot handle large files and it is not as reliable as it should be when sending these files.

cloud storage features


  • Quickly send large files
  • Sync with all of your devices
  • Easy File Sharing
  • Send File Sizes up to 2 GB
product philosphy

Product Philosophy

A Hightail Professional account is a great option for someone that needs to send large files regularly, needs to sign electronically sent documents, or needs to store data in cloud storage for access. For a low monthly price a professional account is definitely worth it as it will save the user a huge amount of time and hassle. This combined with the ease of use of the software and the intuitive layout makes it an easy choice for anyone.

storage security


A great thing about the Hightail Professional account is that it allows you to sign documents digitally. This saves you the hassle from having to print, sign, and then scan and send the document back over. This one simple aspect of the software is enough alone for the monthly payment. Hightail also allows its users to store files in the cloud for easy access. If you want to make it available to other people then this can be done as well.

how much storage offered


With the professional account you get 5GB of data and up to 10 e-signatures so you can take all of this info with you on your phone. Hightail will also send confirmation emails regularly to your other accounts so you are always updated.

how easy is it to use

Ease of Use

The layout and ease of use of Hightail is fantastic. While it may be difficult to use the e-signature feature every so often it saves the user much time. The layout is intuitive as you will never feel like you don’t know how to use a certain feature. It is also available on the Android and iOS market so it can be used on most smartphones as well.

customer service

Help & Support

The customer support aspect of Hightail is right on the money as well. The staff they have trained for customer support knows everything about the software so they will be able to help with any problems or questions. This is a surprisingly nice feature as dealing with large files can sometimes be tricky. However, you will not have to use customer support often as the control panel will usually solve your problems or questions in the first place. The ease of use cannot be understated either.

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