Just Cloud Review

Just Cloud Review


  • iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry Apps
  • 100% Free Account Available
  • Unlimited Storage


  • It really is hard to find any, Great Cloud Storage Provider

Overall Score

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Store all of your files in the cloud.

If you are looking to store your files, music, photos, movies securely online so you can access them from anywhere ant anytime even from your mobile, then our JustCloud review is for you. JustCloud makes cloud storage so simple anyone can backup their whole computer in minutes and easily share files and folders with friends, family, and colleagues.

Other cloud storage services offer one or two nice features, but JustCloud really has the whole package. This cloud storage company has unlimited storage and lets you access it from ANY device. Features Galore, Unlimited Storage, and Super Cheap… you really can’t ask for more.

cloud storage features


  • 100% Free Account Available
  • Unlimited Storage for your Videos, Music and Files
  • Free iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry Apps
  • Windows, Mac and Linux Compatiable
  • Anywhere File Access, Anytime
  • Bank-grade Encryption
  • Unlimited File Sharing
  • Sync Multiple Computers
  • Full Computer Restore
  • Drag & Drop
  • Locate Lost Laptop
product philosphy

Product Philosophy

If you need to access your files from anywhere then JustCloud has the answer to your needs. Besides being incredibly easy to use with 100% automated backups, JustCloud also delivers the best method to access your music archives right from your mobile device. If you are sick of sitting at your computer and waiting for your music archives to transfer to your phone or laptop, then JustCloud is perfect for you. With one click functionality, you can synchronize all of your movies, music and even home videos for viewing or listening, at any computer or device. Did you want to share you pictures from a family trip with your cousin in the UK or your sister in Montana? JustCloud makes it easy for you to share those files quickly and securely.

storage security


JustCloud makes your file security a priority. They have bank-grade encryption enabled on all file transfers and file storage. This means that your files are protected from the prying eyes of hackers. If you want a cloud storage solution that gives you peace of mind for the security of your files and personal information, then JustCloud is the clear choice.

how much storage offered


Unlimited! The days of having to worry about filling up a hard drive are over. JustCloud has opened up their cloud storage services to an unlimited plan which allows their clients to never have to worry about using too much storage space again.

how easy is it to use

Ease of Use

If you can download a program and click a mouse, then JustCloud is just that easy. There’s nothing to learn and you’ll only have to remember your password. Backups can be set to automatic so you won’t even have to think about when your last backup was. File versioning is also an easy way to protect your files from corruption or deletion. If you need a specific version of your file, then you can select the exact one you need and start from that save point. JustCloud makes cloud storage truly easy.

customer service

Help & Support

Forget your password or need help with any issues you might have? JustCloud’s technical support staff is there 24/7 to assist you with your visit to the cloud.

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Michael Rogers - 10:15 pm

I’m sold–so far!

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