LiveDrive Review

LiveDrive Review


  • Offer Unlimited Storage
  • 30 Day Versioning


  • A bit pricey

Overall Score

cloud storage review summary


LiveDrive your life is on your computer; truer words have never been spoken.

In our LiveDrive review, you will find it covers the bases for home computer users and business professionals with their cloud hosting storage and backup products. This company has two top selling points; a 30-day money back guarantee, and instant activation. This is one of the few cloud service providers that offers a money back guarantee.

cloud storage features


  • Share files faster and easier
  • Free apps for movie watching and music listening right from the cloud
  • Unlimited backup plans available
  • Synchronized filing across multiple devices
  • 5 TB Professional Plans available
  • Seamless file transfers to Flickr, Facebook, and Smugmug
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Thirty-day versioning for any file
product philosphy

Product Philosophy

LiveDrive offers some of the best plans for cloud storage and operates under the philosophy of making all of their client’s files available on every type of device. Synchronized devices are becoming one of the key selling points for a lot of companies now, but LiveDrive has really taken the charge by making it possible for their clients to access files from laptop, desktop, mobile and more and at very low monthly rates. While the prices may seem higher initially, take a look at how much storage LiveDrive actually offers. Where some companies might only offer 500 GB of storage for nearly twenty dollars a month, LiveDrive has a home use plan for $15.95 a month that gives 2 TB.

storage security


LiveDrive offers the general encryption security that all other hosting companies are currently offering. 256-bit AES encryption sometimes referred to as “military grade encryption”.

how much storage offered


This is one of the areas in which LiveDrive excels. LiveDrive decided to stick with the unlimited storage model for their cloud backup service. This is an incredible deal for PC and Mac users because they can archive all of their necessary files, thousands of songs and movies, really anything they want. This not only protects the actual files, but it protects the investment of hours put into collecting the data as well. The Pro Suite is also an unlimited backup model for up to five computers. Within the Pro Suite, the Briefcase service is allotted 5 TB of storage space also. At $24.95 a month for five computers, the Pro Suite is the most cost effective plan that LiveDrive offers.

how easy is it to use

Ease of Use

Keeping your files safe with LiveDrive is fairly simple. The backup system can be set to run automatically to collect files from your devices and store the replicated files on the cloud. Installation is also a snap. The LiveDrive product line also offers a flexibility that other cloud storage services do not. With unlimited storage and extremely competitive pricing, it is easy to see that LiveDrive is the perfect choice for business and personal cloud storage needs.

customer service

Help & Support

Where LiveDrive is ahead of the competition in the unlimited storage model and very low pricing, they could stand to improve their support options. LiveDrive offers seven day a week email support, continual monitoring by technicians and phone support, they however do not offer live chat support.

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