Mozy Review

Mozy Review


  • Secure
  • Advanced Encryption


  • No File Sharing

Overall Score

cloud storage review summary


Our Mozy review will show how they make the cloud easy with their trusted online backup service.Corrina Lawson of Wired Magazine recommends Mozy and points out that Mozy is able to automatically backup any file you want, thus protecting them in case of a crash. Mozy is big business capable and also offers personal backup solutions for music, photos, and assorted computer files.

cloud storage features


  • Save any files that you like from music to tax records.
  • Military grade, secure encryption as used in financial institutions.
  • Time saving automatic backup services.
  • Incredibly easy to access from Mozy smart-phone apps.
  • 100% compatibility with the top operating systems on the market.
  • Easy to use browser interface with one click file access.
  • Restoration of files is a breeze with Mozy’s improved interface and Restore Manager.
  • Quick file and folder detail viewing.
product philosphy

Product Philosophy

Take those memories from the shoeboxes and store them with Mozy so that they will be safe for future generations. This Mozy product philosophy shows how the company puts an emphasis on the personal computing consumer market. With a focus on protecting photos and other digital memorabilia, Mozy has taken the lead in this segment of the market and offers great cloud hosting services at affordable prices.

storage security


Protecting important data from hackers is no longer just a concern for major financial institutions and the government. In today’s technological society, protecting personal information, financial data and even archives of music, movies and photos falls to the consumer. This is one of the areas where Mozy really stands out. Their military-grade encryption that they offer to personal cloud consumers is the exact same that they provide their Fortune 500 clients with.

how much storage offered


Mozy offers a choice amount of cloud storage solutions for small home businesses, personal computing and Fortune 500 companies. Their storage space is scalable inexpensively. Mozy offers desktop solutions at low monthly rates with scalability at .50 a gig, as well as server licenses. The Mozy Data Shuttle service is one of the most affordable cloud backup services on the market and can manage Terabytes of data seamlessly.

how easy is it to use

Ease of Use

Mozy is made to be easy. They offer reliable data restores where customers can start to get their files without having to wait for a full restore. With Mozy’s scheduled and automatic backups, clients can have their files secured without having to give it a second thought. Mozy really offers a storage and backup solution for everyone.

customer service

Help & Support

Support is another area where Mozy really stands out. They offer a menu of support features with an extensive knowledge base, community forums and tutorials offered for all levels of service. Their technical support is on a tiered-level basis, but they make sure that the essentials are available to all of their clients. Phone support is offered as a premium support feature and is only available with their MozyPro program. Mozy support is also available via Twitter, which is an option that makes Mozy a professional, yet approachable cloud storage provider. Use Code MOZY4ALL for 10% off!

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