ZipCloud Review

ZipCloud Review


  • Free Mobile apps including iPad, iPhone, Android & Blackberry
  • Unlimited Storage Available
  • Multiple Device Sync Capability


  • No Phone Support

Overall Score

cloud storage review summary


With over fifteen million files under their care, ZipCloud is a cloud storage company that promotes security, simplicity, and safety. Notice in our Zipcloud review, that they promote their security twice; that’s because they take file security very seriously. Another area in which ZipCloud excels is their pricing plan. Unlimited cloud storage is only $4.95 a month, and they offer a money back guarantee which very few of their competitors offer. ZipCloud’s free trial also gives 2 weeks of storage service so that customer’s that are interested in the unlimited plan can check it out before investing.

cloud storage features


  • File Versioning
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Multiple Device Sync Capability
  • Moneyback Anytime
  • 100% Automated Backup Service
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Heavy Encryption Software
product philosphy

Product Philosophy

ZipCloud decided to offer unlimited cloud storage at only $4.95 a month which is quite an incentive for new users. With such a great deal, ZipCloud has earned a reputation for excellence in cloud storage services. ZipCloud is a feature rich service that includes multiple device synchronization, access from mobile phones and the ability to quickly share folders and files with friends and family.

storage security


ZipCloud uses bank level encryption methods to protect files, folders and private information.

how much storage offered


ZipCloud has become synonymous with the word unlimited. They offer unlimited cloud storage and charge only $4.95 a month. This is one of the most competitive pricing structures in cloud storage. It is important to point out that it isn’t just unlimited cloud storage that ZipCloud offers; they also do not limit the amount of files or size of files that you want to store. This is probably one of the only cloud storage companies that can boast a completely unlimited plan. Unlimited file size is a big selling point for a lot of customers, especially with movie files that are well over a gig. Other hosting companies put a cap on the file size, but ZipCloud made a smart move in not limiting their customers. Large files do cause some problems in speed of backups but that is just the nature of it. Luckily, it is usually just the initial backup that will take longer and future backups should be much speedier.

how easy is it to use

Ease of Use

ZipCloud makes it easy for personal cloud storage backup needs or business backup needs for people in the US and UK. ZipCloud is quickly gaining top billing as the most versatile cloud storage service on the internet. With a client base from across the globe and a good deal of those represented by the US and UK, customer satisfaction is also rated very highly. Virtually everything is automated except the initial setup. You should also try out their free ZipCloud account if you have any reservations about the service.

customer service

Help & Support

ZipCloud support can be reached from their website. It is an email based support system, but the ZipCloud staff is on top of their support requests.

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